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Terms of Use

  1. Cosmic Evolution is a private network. Although we use state-of-the-art technology and server systems, we at no time guarantee a fault-free system.

  2. You insure us to save your data externally, for example a local hard drive. This is mandatory especially for articles and long text passages, photos and albums.

  3. You agree not to link any YouTube videos or other video material without checking the material for legality.

  4. You assure us that you only use licensed photos, pictures, graphics, videos and texts which holds the requirements of a worldwide use in social media websites.

  5. You assure us that you understand the copyright protection law and the use of image sources, text sources, and video sources in accordance with applicable law. This also applies to so-called stack images and license-free material

  6. We at no time tolerate content in this website which constitutes immoral or pornographic content

  7. We do not tolerate promotions of sects and other associations in this website that questioning the freedom, dignity and social well-being of the free world and society.

  8. You act ethically and legally in an open positive attitude and in sense of the protection of human rights.

  9. Followers of sects, organizations and associations who undermine or question the free will of people are not welcome on these pages and will be deleted if known.

  10. Shitstorms and denigration of personal hate, privacy violations will be deleted from this page after becoming known.

  11. Political supporters of parties discriminating against other races and people based on their origin, skin color or social status will be deleted if known.

  12. You may, of course, express your free opinion in this network, but you must do in a tone and attitude that does not injure or unsettle others.

  13. You will not patronize other people in the network, or prohibit them from seeking medical, psychological, or social assistance and any kind of wanted help when they obviously need it.

  14. You respect authors and YouTube channel owners who disagree with the publication of video material on Cosmic -Evolution

  15. Blog articles and photos are copyrighted material. This means copies and publications in prepress or other blog websites, or social media channels and websites, webpages can only be done after written permission of the author.

  16. You agree to notify us of any technical deficiencies on this site, you will not at any time upload further data unless the problem is safely solved.

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